The Spirit of Ancient Egypt

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Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! Deciphering Egypt's past, from pre-historic times until Rome's conquest in AD 30, Ana Ruiz reveals countless details about one of the earliest civilizations, piecing together a mosaic that accumulates to give an intriguing portrait of this ancient people, from pharaohs to families to priests, and outlines their achievements in science and culture.

Man settled along the banks of the Nile River as long ago as BC; over the next four millennia he learned to read, write, and develop and expand as a community.

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For the next years, Egypt prospered despite hardships, internal conflicts and foreign invasion. Was it "the gift of the Nile," as Herodotus called Egypt, or the gift of the Egyptian people to humanity, towards the evolution of civilization? The book examines family life, homes and furnishings, food, drink, dress, jewelry, wigs and cosmetics, work and play, trade and transportation, law and government.

It explores the people's beliefs regarding death and immortality, magic, dreams and divination, deities and the priesthood, creation myths, animal worship, symbolism, traditions of mummification, and festivals.

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The underworld and the afterlife in ancient Egypt

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Ancient Egypt, an introduction (article) | Khan Academy

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