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Sheet Metal Vols. Progress of Machining Technology Vols. Progress in Abrasive and Grinding Technology Vol. Advances in Concrete and Structures Vols.

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Advances in Strength of Materials Vol. Bioceramics 21 Vols. Progress in High Temperature Ceramics Vol. Manufacturing Automation Technology Vols.

Progress in Sol-Gel Production Vol. SiAlONs and Non-oxides.

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Water’s reaction with metal oxides opens doors for researchers

Book Cover. Description: During the past fifty years, significant progress has been achieved in the theory and application of SiAlONs and other similar non-oxide ceramics. Buy this volume:. Add to Cart. Info: TOC:. Other quaternary nitrides of a similar type can be produced if the two metal cations remain trivalent and one of the silicon atoms is replaced by aluminium.

Journal of Non - Oxide Glasses

Some preliminary mechanical property measurements are included. Abstract: The high-energy milling uses the mechanical energy to activate chemical reactions by developing structural changes in the powder particles.

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High-energy milling with an acceleration of 28g was applied for the mechanical activation of the aluminium and silicon nitrides mixture with yttria additive. The activated powders showed the significant damage of the crystal structure and limited formation of a solid solution. The phase evolution during sintering was dependent on the starting composition and degree of powder activation. The crystal structure has been successfully determined by close collaboration between experiment and first-principles calculation.

This compound doped with Eu exhibits intense green photoluminescence with high color purity under near-ultraviolet to blue light excitation; in particular, it has much less thermal quenching than Ba,Sr,Eu 2SiO4. Authors: Kyota Uheda.

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The red phosphor has intense emission around nm under two different irradiations at and nm from blue- and near UV-LED chips, respectively; while strong emission is observed around nm from the green phosphor. Abstract: Electrically conductive Si3N4 ceramics were fabricated by dispersion of different characteristics of carbon nanotubes CNTs.


CNTs were well-dispersed by beads milling in ethanol. As a result, beads milling process was confirmed to be effective in unraveling and dispersing CNTs. It was shown that better dispersion of CNTs with higher aspect ratio resulted in higher density and electrical conductivity.

Metal and non-metal oxides, reacting with acids and bases (video) | Khan Academy

Abstract: For the transmutation of the very long half-lived isotopes which are separated from the spent nuclear fuels, it is necessary to find proper inert matrices these are stable under heavy neutron irradiation at high temperature. Silicon nitride ceramics is a candidate since it is very tolerant for heavy neutron irradiation and keeps relatively high thermal conductivity.

For these reasons, we try to sinter Si3N4 ceramics containing large amounts of CeO2 as a simulant for Am2O3, a typical transuranium element.

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The low-temperature pressureless-sintering behavior of the ceramics and chemical and thermal properties of the obtained sintered bodies are reported. Authors: S. Chockalingam, J.

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  • Metal and non-metal oxides, reacting with acids and bases.

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The experimental results of microwave sintered samples were compared with conventional methods. Abstract: Post-reaction sintering is one of the fabrication processes of Si3N4 ceramics, which has received considerable attention as a cost-effective process due to the use inexpensive Si powder as a raw material. So far, many researches on the development of this method have been performed in order to improve their properties; however, the sintering shrinkage behavior, which is valuable for the optimization of the firing conditions, has not been well clarified.