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To Reform Capitalism, CEOs Should Champion Structural Reforms

Dustjacket included. Campus Book Rentals. Brand new. Book Depository. That contributes to a feeling that the world's economic problems are worse than leaders meeting at Davos in previous years had foreseen. Meanwhile, scientists at the Swiss Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research are keeping a close watch on the nearby slopes, lest all the heavy snow they are carrying pose a risk to Davos and its high-profile visitors.

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He did note a general aversion to allowing too much anti-capitalist fervor to reach Davos. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. But a circular approach, as outlined in a new report, could turn the world's e-waste moun Susie Rodgers grew up hiding her disability from the world. But that all changed when she put herself on the path to a gold medal as a Paralympic swimmer. Jack Ma has built the most formidable e-commerce business in China. Now he wants to bring bring e-commerce to everyone in the developing world.

These are the very people our new technologies must target. Battery technology has a huge role to play in the transition to a low-carbon energy system. Momentum is building - but there are challenges to overcome, too. A new report suggests businesses are gaining a much deeper understanding of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and its challenges - and suggests the four types of leader who will thrive in And we took it.

Our addiction to plastic has created a huge global problem. But new technologies and ventures are closing the plastic loop, bringing discarded plastics back into the supply chain as a raw How to design a fairer economy, fighting climate change and preparing for the jobs of the future are just some of the topics that will be top of the agenda at Davos Here's a selecti Six strategies for companies to ensure they have the right people to accelerate innovation.

Beyond mobile broadband, it will impact smart cities, robotics, self-driving cars, and foster innovation.

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Ten steps to reinvent your company to compete in a hyperconnected world. But the poorest half of humanity got poorer, writes Oxfam's Winnie Byanyima. With a commitment to economic and political reform, the country aims to restore the confidence of its citizens as well as domestic and international investors.

The oxygen we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat - they all depend on other forms of life. Without the rest of species on the planet, there would be no prosperity, no economy — The head of the IMF turned to a fitting analogy to describe the economic outlook from a press conference in Alpine Davos.

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Algorithms are learning historical and societal biases against women and further propagating them, writes Ann Cairns. Here's how we can make AI work for everyone. Citizens around the world are more supportive than you might expect on global cooperation and immigration.

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  7. Also in this week's round-up: the promise of purposeful capitalism and could globalization 4. There are one billion people with disabilities in the world, yet they are half as likely to employed as their non-disabled peers. Businesses that do tap into this vast pool of underused t Are we headed for a normalization of trade wars, or will leaders find a way to cooperate? Two trade experts give their take. When there are issues that affect our business or conflict with our values as an organization, we need to have a voice in the conversation, writes Mark Weinberger, CEO of EY.

    Correcting misperceptions about the scale of global interconnections can help assuage concerns about globalization and foster a more constructive, fact-based discourse.

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    5. As governments retreat from global commitments, the private sector and NGOs have to step up. Here's how they can do it. In a world filled with videos and interactive content, the power of photography remains undimmed - as evidenced by this selection of images from the Natural History Museum's Wildlife Phot We will soon reach a tipping point in the market penetration of electric vehicles - and when that happens, consumers will benefit from lower energy costs as well as lower carbon emissions Under distributed ownership, an enterprise is owned and run jointly by its members, who then share its profits and benefits.

      A leading social entrepreneur explains how it solve India's ch These three companies show why Africa provides the most fertile ground in which to innovate. It is where problems are most deeply felt, and are also big enough to motivate investment and Closing this gap will release Europe's vast untapped potential in this sector - here are four ways to kick It's time to banish the myth that saving the planet will hurt economic growth. In fact, the latter depends on the former - and if we do not head off the crisis facing our planet, we will With the technology we have today, it is entirely feasible to decarbonise the global economy, writes Adair Turner.

      But do we have the will to do it? Perhaps the biggest challenge of all today is our individual insularity. But by looking inwards, we are missing out on the life-enriching opportunities that caring for other people has to Democracies are more divided than at any time in the postwar era. Tech firms, political leaders and the entertainment industry all need to get on board with bringing us back together. Good design is user-centred and inclusive by definition - and it can open up the world to everyone, as these innovative examples on display at Davos show. We've come up with six key questions to help us understand the new era of globalization.

      We want you to answer them.

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      In second video selfie format. Here's how. Iranian muralist Mehdi Ghadyanloo is the artist chosen to present his large-scale artwork at this year's meeting in Davos. He spoke to Mahsa Shamsaei about his work and why artists have a The world is making progress on deforestation - but we are still losing the battle. Could a new landscape-based approach to protecting our forests be the answer?

      Instead of addressing causes through philanthropy, a new generation of founders is baking social good into the very fabric of their businesses. A diaspora can share valuable insight on how to prioritize aid when a country is in conflict. More financing, new public private partnerships to tackle brain science and a different dialogue around brain health are critical to tackling mental illness on a global scale. The rise of robots and artificial intelligence might actually open up further job opportunities — if we learn how to effectively channel our talents for the coming age.

      Your data is key to all developments in biotech. But first we need to find a way of using it that is both progressive and ethical. A majority of employees in most parts of the world don't take their company's well-being schemes seriously — a sign that employers need to do more. Global instability means is a crossroads year for humanitarian response - and we need a fundamental reorientation of humanitarian action, argues ICRC President Peter Maurer.

      For you Fixing Global Finance Forum on Constructive Capitalism

      A UN agreement, market action and Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies together offer a new opportunity to crack the problem of illegal fishing. To get there, we need to recruit multi-skilled employees as ready for tomorrow's challenges as for Our global food system is unsustainable, and under increasing pressure from a growing population. We have the tools and knowhow to build a more inclusive, sustainable, efficient and nutri Often decried as an expensive and unproven fig-leaf for the fossil fuel industry, the reality - that we cannot combat climate change without Carbon capture and storage - is, for many, an In order to prepare for increasingly frequent climate-related extreme weather and natural disasters as we move towards a low-carbon economy, we must become more resilient.

      Here's how we s What if we used CO2, instead of continuing to try and contain it on a massive scale? Industry would need fewer raw materials from fossil sources such as petroleum, growing the circular ec Today's younger consumers want companies to make a positive difference in the world - and as many forward-thinking businesses have already realized, it's time to make social impact an int While depression is the condition most will associate with mental health issues, and the leading cause of disability worldwide, it is not the number one mental health concern people face. Stifled by its political systems and leadership challenges, the West will struggle to address its climate change targets by It is time to ask: how would the developing world do it?

      Between Debt and the Devil: Money, Credit and Fixing Global Finance

      A new study polls energy and sustainability professionals from large companies around the world to find out what drives corporate climate action - and what makes the biggest difference. Here's how our cultural institutions can star After years of talking about it, the transition to a low-carbon energy system is finally happening.

      Here are some reasons for optimism - and a guide to those areas where we still have muc The transition to a circular economy will do more than save the planet - it will also create vast new economic opportunities, sometimes in the most unexpected places. With just 12 years to go before the deadline for meeting the SDGs, it is clear that the ocean will play a central role.

      World leaders much act now, writes the Prime Minister of Norwa Here's how it might work. Education must become less rigid and link up more with employers if the future generation of students — and the world economy — are to benefit. The digitalization of manufacturing can generate significant benefits - but to make the most of the opportunities it presents, businesses need to empower their people. Globalization 4. Professor Klaus Schwab explains what it means and how it will benefit us all.

      How meaningful is your work? How is it that Mexico, a relatively new player in the renewables industry, has managed to attain the lowest subsidy-free price for green power? The answer may be its free-trade public pol But that is starting to change - and in surprising ways.

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      Find out more about the Co-Chairs who will help shape discussions around the Annual Meeting theme of Globalization 4. For humanity to have any hope at all, Globalization 4. Increasing access to electricity is driving development in the world's poorer regions - and it could have even greater benefits for the world as a whole. Circular packaging solutions are a priority - and they will create value for brands, as these trailblazing examples demonstrate. From creativity to collaboration, the skills that students learn through play can help them thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

      The global population is set to swell to 10 billion by - and that means producing a lot more protein. Collaboration on a grand scale, harnessed to new technology, could be the answer. Human bias is often developed into AI. To fix this, we need a fundamental rethink of the assumptions underpinning this vital technology.

      Climate change is not high enough on the agenda of most Arab countries, argues Neeshad Shafi - but the region's young people are about to change that. Updating education, rethinking benefits and greater employee flexibility are just three of the ways we should rethink work for the 21st-century, says the founder of freelancer platform Up But to fulfil its potential, policymakers will need to prepare the way. Could national CTOs be the answer?

      Fixing Global Finance (Forum on Constructive Capitalism)

      From mentoring to community work, your company has the power to close the skills gap and give young people the training they need. Discovering and developing improved clean energy materials, such as solar panels, can accelerate the transition to a low-carbon future and save billions - and now AI is on the case. People with disabilities can be a goldmine of hidden skills. That's why it's no longer economically viable to keep them locked out of the workforce.

      Seventy years of consistent appreciation in housing values, combined with stagnant real wage growth, has caused a nationwide crisis of affordability in major cities, and an intensificatio These insights into the future of consumption in one of the world's fastest-growing major economies will help businesses and policy leaders envision the India of the future. Creating a circular economy for plastics will depend on new business models and innovation to transform consumer packaged goods.

      Here's how that could work. The urban expansion that will accompany this change is a huge opportunity for sustainable development - and for the private inv Women are employed in the majority of AI-threatened roles — while recruitment practices in tech favour men. To achieve parity in this key industry, we must act now.