Employer Brand Management: Practical Lessons from the Worlds Leading Employers

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I think Facebook is really emerging now as that prime vehicle for getting across the personal side of your organisation. I mean, people are posting all kinds of stuff, but I think those organisations who are putting together a good content calendar on Facebook, and really thinking through the various themes that they want to communicate are doing really well on Facebook.

A Guide to Employer Brand Management

In some markets, Instagram is doing extremely well. And of course, Twitter. So I think YouTube has to be an important part of the mix as well. So it is putting the pressure on when it comes to content creation and curation and so on within businesses.

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But I think inevitably it has to go in that direction. Because a lot of it of course depends on how many employees you have. Because a lot of the very strong brands from the Talent Brand Index point of view, they just happen to be large companies. So, you have to work out for an employer brand point of view whether you are behind where you should be, in terms of the number of contacts you have, the influence you have, the level of engagement you have.

Or are you ahead of the game, punching above your weight? Or you get the people who have had a bad experience and are therefore extremely negative. So coming from an employee research background, this is not particularly useful overall because what you want is a broad representation. You want to hear from the silent majority.

But I think things have moved on, and I think actually the critical mass with Glassdoor now is getting pretty good. And of course what you want ideally to get from Glassdoor is for the particular types of story that really gives you an insight into the culture to come through. I think some people maybe see it as a bit of a whistle blowing tool. And of course you will get negatives in some of these places.

In many respects I agreed to speak at the summit because I had become a believer. And yeah, I think they have great, great things ahead for them.

Can you define employer brand management as opposed to employer branding?

I think having seen Vault which was a previous version of this kind of site rise and fall, I thought maybe Glassdoor would go the same way. I think all of them are very good actually on the employer brand management side and have been for quite a few years. I think all of those are very good examples. They put a lot of effort into the research to choose the right core themes to focus on, create the right kind of employment deal reflecting their culture.

Bring in the Talent: The New Age of Employer Branding - Mira Gateva - TEDxAUBG

So if you laid it all out on the table it all comes across as very evidently and consistently BP. I think things, from an employer brand communication point of view, are likely to become richer in terms of the format. But I also think that it will help bring a great deal more life to the whole area. And I think, obviously, if you want people to get a feel for what the organisation is like, then one way of doing that is to try and immerse them in those worlds.

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It looks a bit clunky now but I think they were ahead of their time. I also think that there will be a degree of maturity reached in terms of the management of the employer brand. So that this focus still dominant within many organisations of just focusing on the presentation side of things — the recruitment marketing, the identity, externally without really linking it up properly and integrating it with people management internally, I think they will be growing maturity in the area.

Because in many cases, I think people calling themselves employer brand marketing people, or employer branding people, and really still playing a recruitment role, rather than a coordination role across all forms of communication and experience that shape the employer brand. So I think those are three of the big ones for me.

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And it may take longer than one would expect. But I think I definitely see a lot of movement in all of those directions. My Great Aunt was a strong northern lass with a broad Cumbrian accent. She left home when the war started and rather than joining up with the English nurses she joined the Free French. And they had a field hospital unit that travelled around with them. And my Great Aunt Dede was the head nurse.

And alongside the nurses, they had a number of well-connected young ladies from aristocratic families, who used to drive the cars and ambulances,. And when the top brass came out from England, these ladies were always invited to go to the dinners because the generals liked to have their smart dinner parties wherever they went. And quite often the nurses, or at least Aunt Dede would be invited along as well.

So it was a period during the North African campaign when we were not having a particular good time. We were being knocked back to the left, right and centre, Tobruk had just fallen, and Churchill had come out to really find out what was going wrong, what needed to be done, etc. There was a dinner and my Aunt was invited along. And the conversation at this dinner party turned to what they thought was going wrong and my aunt being quite outspoken, blurted out what she thought.

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Employer Brand Management gives readers a personal grasp of a new approach to people management. It draws on significant advances in practices among leading companies to provide a handbook for employer brand development and implementation.

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