Deepak Chopra Presents India Authentic Volume 1: The Book Of Shiva (v. 1)

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She is the Mother goddess in Hinduism, and has many attributes and aspects. Each of her aspects is expressed with a different name, giving her over names in regional Hindu stories of India. Along with Lakshmi and Saraswati, she forms the trinity of Hindu goddesses Tridevi. Bankelal seems extremely stupid but he possesses a mind of devil,always planning mischief. But due to the"blessed" curse placed on him,every bad that he wants to do turns out to be good, turning the odds in his favour. The good thing is that his every misdeed mischief acts as a funny tickle bone for the readers.

Rani Swarnalata.

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Wife of maharaj Vikram Singh. Bankelal has a horse named Chetak which is another very funny character in comics series. Some notable guest appearances in Bankelal series includes Tilismdev and Bhokal. Bankelal considers Raja Vikram Singh as his arch enemy. Bankelal always tries to kill him never managed so far and become the king of Vishalgarh. Mohak Singh, the prince of Vishalgarh is quite aware of his evil plans.

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Other courtiers are also jealous of Bankelal's popularity. These include Senapati Markhap, Prabandh Mantri and many others.

Some nearby princely states of Vishalgarh also find it hard to kill Vikram Singh until Bankelal is with him. Eric Adrian Bauza is a Canadian voice actor, animation artist and stand-up comedian.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Nagraj "Snake-King" is a fictional superhero appearing in Raj Comics,. Nagraj has changed a lot in his 25 years in print, both in terms of looks as well as powers and abilities. Doga is a fictional character, an Indian comic book anti-hero character appearing in Raj Comics, published and distributed across India. The character first appeared in the issue Curfew. His first name is revealed as Suraj, although his surname has yet to be specified. Nightstalkers is a comic book published by Marvel Comics from to , featuring a trio of occult experts reluctantly banded together to fight supernatural threats.

Operating under the business name Borderline Investigations, the team was composed of the vampire-hunters Blade and Frank Drake, who had fought Count Dracula in the s series The Tomb of Dracula ; and private detective Hannibal King, also introduced in that previous series, a "neo-vampire" with vampiric abilities but only a craving, not a need, for drinking blood. They are gathered by Doctor Strange in Nightstalkers 1 to battle an immediate threat, but under Strange's larger, hidden agenda.

Super Commando Dhruva is a fictional character, an Indian comic book superhero, who appears in comic books published by Raj Comics. Parmanu "Atom" is a fictional Indian superhero published by Raj Comics His super powers include splitting into atoms and flying to travel from one place to other and to reduce or increase his own size. The character is inspired from Atom. Parmanu got killed in akhiri series by blasting himself in space to save earth.

Super Indian is an Indian comic book character, one of a number of titles published by Raj Comics. The composition describes the glory of Shakti. The language used is an another form of Punjabi, also known as Gurmukhi or the language of the gurus. On 15 October Benares' last ruler signed the accession to the Indian Union. Deepak Chopra's India Authentic is a series of one-shot comic books from Virgin Comics which re-tell the iconic myths and legends of India for a global audience.

ISBN 13: 9781934413081

The series has been created by Deepak Chopra, who also presents the foreword for each issue. The first five issues were collected as the 'Book of Shiva'. The next will likely be collected as a 'Book of Vishnu'. Dreadstar was the first comic-book series published by American publisher Epic Comics, an imprint of Marvel Comics, in It was centered on Vanth Dreadstar, sole survivor of the entire Milky Way galaxy, and an ensemble cast of crewmates, including cyborg sorcerer Syzygy Darklock, and their struggle to end an ancient war between two powerful, evil empires: The Church of The Instrumentality, run by the Lord Papal; and the Monarchy, administered by a puppet king.

Shiva Mahimna Stotra is a Sanskrit composition Stotra in devotion of Shiva that is believed has been authored by a gandharva named Pushpadanta. Madhu Muskan was an Indian weekly comic magazine from the Gowarsons Group of Companies, which had a circulation of up to , in the late s. The series starred Indian film director Ashutosh Gowarikar as the protagonist. The series is a loose adaptation of Stephen King's novel It , the second adaptation of the book following the ABC miniseries of the same name, albeit with many changes made to the original story, including having its events take place in both the s and modern-day India as opposed to both the s and modern-day America, and of the titular character being a vengeful ghost that awakens every 15 years rather than an ancient cosmic evil that awakens every 27 years.

Abid Surti or Aabid Surti is a painter, author, cartoonist, journalist, environmentalist, playwright and screenwriter from India. He was given a National Award by the government of India in for one of his books. Ichchadhari Naag male or Naagin female are mythical shapeshifting cobras in Indian folklore. These creatures would obtain their power by living for years, not biting any living beings or meditating. Some of these who are offspring of a pair from their birth have such power. The first such creature was a female who was by birth a Naagin.

She was created by Lord Kirshna. In some folklore this story prevails. They prefer to be in the form of a human being most of the time. This article is being considered for deletion in accordance with Wikipedia's deletion policy. What size image should we insert? This will not affect the original upload Small Medium How do you want the image positioned around text? Float Left Float Right. Cancel Insert.

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